New Pattern in the Works!

I love the Woolful podcast, and recently decided to place an order in the Woolful Mercantile that included a few skeins of Hinterland Ravine. I added them to my order on a whim, intrigued by the blend of mule-spun alpaca and wool fibers. When the package arrived, I instantly fell in love with this amazing yarn. I ended up buying more Ravine, in every color available. And then the next Woolful podcast, Episode 24, was released, and guess what was the subject of that week's podcast? Hinterland! Once I got over the surprise, I decided to embrace the serendipity as a sign that my skeins of Ravine were destined to be something.

Ravine has a lot of rustic charm, with loft and warmth that would make for cozy garments and accessories. I sat down to make a handful of swatches, curious to see how the mule-spun yarn knits up. I knit one swatch after another, enjoying the feel of the smooth, aran-weight yarn as it moved through my fingers.

Once the swatches were done, I blocked them to see how Ravine changes after washing. The swatches all showed a lovely softening, with the alpaca content really shining through in the yarn. Each swatch did lose a lot of stitch definition after blocking; I wouldn't choose this yarn for a highly textured knit, since I love to let texture shine when I've taken the time to knit textural stitches. A lot of the swatches did decent justice to the beauty of the Ravine yarn, but one of the swatches in particular just sung out to me: seed stitch.

I set to work on a pattern for a series of seed stitch cowls, all worked up in Hinterland Ravine. I'll be posting the pattern here, it will be a free release. It's not lost on me that I'll be releasing a pattern for big, cozy cowls right at the beginning of summer; but I'm a year-round knitter, and I tend to knit with wool all year long. (God bless air conditioning.) So, you may not want to wear a big cozy cowl right now, but you may want to knit one. And with yarn as yummy and special as Hinterland Ravine, I don't know how you could resist.

I should be done with the new pattern in a couple of weeks, it will be available on this blog and also on Ravelry. Knit a Ravine Cowl (in the size of your choice) now, so you'll have a beautiful, cozy cowl ready to wear in the autumn!


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