Photo Shoot for the Ravine Cowl!

Yesterday was the photo shoot for the Ravine Cowl, and I was so pleased with how it went. Elise Beavers and Ashleigh Rudolph work at Ted's office, and I'd asked them to be the models. (Lily Borgeson was also an adorable model, but I don't have a photo of her on hand right now... Lily, you'll be on the pattern page!) They did an absolutely fantastic job, which isn't surprising; they're both adorable and have great personal style. They chose their own outfits and couldn't have done a better job. Aren't they amazing?


Also amazing was Kevin Ellison, who was our photographer for the shoot. He's worked for Ted's media company for a number of years and is also a longtime friend of ours. I've been able to watch him grow as a photographer in the last several years, and I knew the shoot was in good hands with Kevin at the helm. He did such a great job, I can't wait to share the photos with you, both here and on Ravelry!


Olivia was at camp all this week (her first time), and so I had Owen with me. I had to strap him to my body in a mei tai, which at the age of three is not his favorite thing. It worked out, though, and I'm thankful for his (adorably reluctant) cooperation. 

I'm going to release this simple yet beautiful pattern this coming week. I hope it does justice to the lovely Ravine yarn, and I hope you enjoy knitting it! :)


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