Photo Shoot for the Galahad Scarf Was a Success!


I've been hard at work on the Galahad Scarf pattern, and the photo shoot with the finished samples was on Wednesday morning. I couldn't be happier with the results! I've worked with the InHouse team for my photo shoots so far, and they've made the best photographers and models (and in some cases, both!).

The photo at the top of this post shows Kevin wearing the large size scarf. This sample was knit with four skeins of Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter, shown here in Soot.

The photo below shows Brandt wearing the small size scarf. This sample was knit with three skeins of Shelter, shown here in Old World.


The InHouse crew has done such a fantastic job on the shoots so far, they're such a talented bunch. The shoot for the Galahad hat is coming up soon, and after that I'll give these guys a much-deserved break from all things knitting related. Promise. 

All photos by Elise Beavers. You can find her on Instagram as @elise_lebeav.


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