Canyon Creek Hat: Testers Needed!

I'm finishing up a new quickie hat pattern, called Canyon Creek. Using two skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Quarry (shown here in Slate and Lazulite), it's a cozy and wooly beanie with helix stripes. A tubular cast on adds a clean and tidy edge to the brim, and the pattern is sized for babies through adults. It's a make-one-for-everyone kind of pattern!


Above is an early version of the hat that I made for my brother-in-law, Carlos, and I think it fits him well! He likes to hike and go outdoors, and the thick and lofty nature of Quarry is perfect for outdoor activities. I chose a gauge that's a bit firmer than Brooklyn Tweed recommends for the yarn, with the intention of trapping heat close to the head for warmth. I'm happy with the result!

The pattern is named after one of the loveliest places in California, Canyon Creek Trail in the Trinity Alps. I decided that an outdoorsy hat needed an outdoorsy name, and the Trinity Alps are one of my favorite places to be.


Here's the child-sized version I made for my daughter. Olivia chose Serpentine and Gypsum, because the green matches her eyes so well. I thought for sure she'd choose a different combo, but I truly love her choice! This version has a pompom, which I think it a great way to add a little feminine detail to Canyon Creek. My girl has been wearing this hat to her weekly ice skating lessons, to the park, on hikes, and just about everywhere we go. It's a very versatile hat, and perfectly cozy for the last days of winter.

I'm currently looking for testers for this pattern, so if you're interested, get in touch! You can send me an email (link in bar at the upper right) or find my email address at my Contact page. You can also send me a message on Ravelry if you think you'd like to make a Canyon Creek of your own.


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