I live in Northern California with my husband, Ted, and two kids, Olivia and Owen. I took the homeschooling plunge in 2014, unsure of where it would lead us as a family; I'm so thankful I did, because it's one of the best things we've ever done.

I'm also an avid knitter (obsessed, even), and I'm dabbling in all kinds of other fiber arts. I spin, dye, and weave with animal and plant fibers at my studio, which doubles as an art space for my kids. I'm incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful setup,and I have my husband to thank for encouraging me to follow my passions. He's an awesome guy.

Life can be completely crazy at times, with trying to balance family, homeschooling, and arts, in that order. (Usually.) But it's a good crazy, a happy, content, best-possible-life kind of crazy. I wouldn't have it any other way. This blog is where I talk about trying to maintain balance, our homeschooling wins and woes, and my fiber arts exploits. Hope you enjoy this space!


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