I was born in 1980 in Orange County, California. I grew up on the beach and in the pool, preferring water to land. Though I loved the warm climate, I couldn't stand to watch as my favorite remaining wild places near our neighborhood were developed. When it came time to leave for college, I was determined to go north, where they value wild spaces more than luxury developments. (For now, at least.) I've been in Northern California ever since, having lived in Stockton, Emeryville, and now Santa Rosa, which I've called home since 2005. I'm married to Ted Robb, the love of my life, and we have two kids and two dogs. That's a lot of animals in one house.

I've been writing for as long as I've been able to write. In elementary school, I wrote notebooks full of poems and would sometimes read them aloud in my classrooms. (I've never cared much about social currency.) I wrote in journals throughout junior high and high school, and I read everything I could get my hands on, preferring books to most people.

A few years after college I started a blog called The Sustainable Scoop where I posted regularly for a number of years. It was before blogging was Blogging, and everyone did it for free and for fun. Over time it became more serious, and I started traveling to natural foods shows to learn more about the companies and products that my readers cared about. I posted recipes, kitchen tips, instructions for making homemade cleaning products, and a lot of other information about natural living. I even secured a small handful of sponsors. I had a great little community of readers for a while, and it was really rewarding.

But when we decided to start a family, writing for nearly free suddenly didn't have the same shine on it. Once my kids were both in school, it felt like it was time to start writing again. So here I am, writing. It feels good, though it's hard to believe how different I am on this side of raising babies. Writing has a way of forcing me to confront my own ideas, and my perspective on the world has shifted enormously. I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey of getting to know myself all over again.

I'm stretching my voice, getting ready to tell the stories I have inside of me.  My most sacred quest is to shine light into the dark places, because that's where humanity lives. I hope you enjoy what I find.